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PBX Number

Improve your image by having one centralized number that keeps your business running smoothly without squandering staff time. Add a directory list to empower callers when you give them the choice to transfer to the correct location, receive faxes at their convenience, and speak to a Live Receptionist for assistance. Your Live Operator Auto Attendant is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and cell phone use. This wireless office accommodates all your employee or office extensions. Each person has a separate extension, there is a directory option to locate employees, and you only need one number. It's that simple.

Customizable Menus
Your business is unique. Use customizable menu options to set the IVR system to fit your business model. Options include caller routing, information-only message and online fax service, extension directory, and Receptionist services.

Easy to Use
There is no additional equipment to buy, install, or maintain. The online interface allows you to update your system when you want.

Small-Business Friendly
Customers locate employees, whether employees use cell phones or landlines. Employees avoid sharing personal cell phone numbers while employers remain in control of the number and the customer base. Streamline your business calls with Your Live Operator Auto Attendant, a Virtual PBX for your wireless office. Each extension can be fully customized.

Live Receptionist
Provide the option to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable representative with Your Live Operator Receptionist Service. Live Receptionists take orders and messages, make reservations, answer FAQ, direct callers, and offer e-commerce support for your site. Even a small organization can sound Fortune 500.

Online Voicemail
Voicemail is included for your organization, as well as for every employee in your business. Messages can be checked online and can even be sent to email.

Timesaving Features
Record answers to commonly asked questions. Instead of constantly repeating driving directions, office hours, or seminar dates, just record an Information Message and be free for other tasks.

Improve Your Image
Make your business sound more impressive, advertise multiple products or services, integrate all offices and locations, and select from a variety of extension options.

Virtual Fax
Are you wasting time standing at a fax machine? Our online fax service lets you provide documents at your customers' convenience while saving you time and money.

Custom IVR
The Your Live Operator Auto Attendant allows callers to select from 10 main menu options plus up to 20 employee extensions. If you need additional selections, our Custom IVR service might be your answer